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Our Story

How do you use your strength for good?

This question has always burned within Oliver’s heart. While teaching ethics over the years, Oliver has pondered and discussed this question with hundreds of students. In the face of so much hurt, pain, and uncertainty, in a world that seems to be broken, divided, and at times falling apart – what good can I do?

Contemplating these questions, Oliver drew inspiration from the story of Atlas. He is someone who used his strength for the benefit of others – a being who bears the weight of the world on his shoulders.

But how can I use my unique strengths for good?

These questions led Oliver to the belief that business, money, and influence is about doing good in the world. So, Oliver set out to find, rally, and empower a family of entrepreneurs and fund managers to use their individual and collective strength for good. Oliver went looking for other Atlas’.

Meanwhile, Leander Jordan, a former NFL player in the midst of a transition into entrepreneurship, found himself at a crossroads, seeking a new path to channel his passion and influence. As he navigated the unfamiliar terrain of the business world, Leander grappled with the desire to leave a legacy that extended far beyond the football field.

It was against this backdrop that Oliver made the pivotal decision to cold call Leander. That call changed everything. In that one conversation, their shared aspirations and complementary skill sets collided, giving birth to a partnership founded on the drive to bring together the family of Atlas.

The idea was to create a family of entrepreneurs who individually lift where they stand, contributing their hearts, hands, and strength to the Atlas cause. We are Atlas NexGen – the next generation of entrepreneurs dedicated to using our strength for good. Together, we are Atlas.


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