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Alternative Investments


ATLAS NexGen Group, as a RegD506 C fund, can target a variety of institutional clients who align with its vision and investment strategies. Some specific types of institutional clients that this fund can target include

These are retirement funds managed on behalf of employees, typically in the public or private sector. Pension funds often seek long-term investments with stable returns, making them potential investors in ATLAS NexGen Group.

Insurance companies have large investment portfolios to support their policyholders’ claims and generate returns. Given the long-term nature of their liabilities, insurance companies may be interested in investing in funds like ATLAS NexGen Group, which focus on sustainable and socially responsible strategies.

Educational institutions, hospitals, and non-profit organizations often have endowments or foundations to support their operations. These institutions have a long-term investment horizon and may prioritize investing in funds that align with their mission and values, such as those focused on clean energy and sustainability.

These funds are managed by national governments and invest in various asset classes globally. Sovereign wealth funds often seek opportunities for diversification and sustainable long-term returns, making them potential investors in ATLAS NexGen Group.

Other asset management firms, including mutual funds, hedge funds, and investment advisors, may be interested in investing in ATLAS NexGen Group as a way to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to the clean energy and sustainability sectors.

These institutions provide financial support for projects aimed at economic development, often in emerging markets. ATLAS NexGen Group’s focus on clean energy and sustainable infrastructure aligns well with the goals of development financial institutions, making them potential investors or partners.

Large corporations, especially those with an interest in sustainable practices and environmental responsibility, may invest in funds like ATLAS NexGen Group to align their investment strategies with their corporate values.

Universities often have sizable endowments that support their operations and research activities. Many universities have prioritized sustainability and clean energy initiatives, making them potential investors in ATLAS NexGen Group.


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